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Wood Cleaning and Restoration Services

wood floor cleaningWood is known for its beneficial thermal properties. Wood has the capacity to endure extensive temperature variations without significant warping, shrinking, or expanding. Wood is also favored for its inviting warmth and versatility in shaping, encompassing varieties like cherry, bamboo, and synthetic laminates. To preserve its allure, this material demands regular care and maintenance.

  Our Wood Maintenance Services:

  •   Advanced Floor Coatings: High-quality coatings protect floors from spills, stains, and daily wear, preserving their natural beauty and extending their lifespan.
  • Periodic Finishing and Polishing: Regular finishing services are provided to restore floor shine and luster, adding protection against everyday use.
  • Long-Term Care: Preventative maintenance to protect your floors, keeping them beautiful, functional, and durable.
  • Customized Maintenance Plans: Tailored plans to address the unique needs of each floor, encompassing cleaning, finishing, and other treatments to maintain the floor’s condition.
  • Comprehensive Damage Prevention:
    A thorough inspection of floors for wear-like scuffs and scratches, with subsequent restoration. This not only improves the floor’s appearance but also prevents further damage.
  • Proactive Care and Monitoring: Actively monitor floor conditions and suggest timely interventions to address minor issues before they become significant.

  How CBM Cares for Wood Flooring

  •   Wood Floor Repair and Restoration:
    Completely strip the wood to remove the old coating, fill in scratches and gouges with wood filler, stain to match the original color, and finish with a clear coat of lacquer.
  • Applying Wood Polish: Clean the wood thoroughly to strip away any old polish and wax, then hand polish with a wood preservative to achieve an even shine.
  • Wood Floor Clear-Coating:
    Sand the floor in both directions using a machine, apply one layer of sealer followed by two layers of clear finish (choose from semi-gloss, gloss, or satin), and conclude with a polyurethane coating.
  • Wood Floor Stain: Sand the floor in both directions using a machine, re-stain to match the original finish, and apply two layers of clear finish (available in semi-gloss, gloss, or satin).
  • Wood Surface Touch-ups:
    Clean the wood thoroughly, remove any scratches and imperfections, and refinish to match the existing wood’s tone, grain, and sheen.

Metal Cleaning and Restoration Services

Metal Cleaning maintenanceEntrances, facades, elevators, window frames, and signage frequently incorporate materials such as stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, and decorative metal. To maintain their aesthetic appeal, these elements need regular attention to preserve their initial shine and luster.

  Our Metal Maintenance Services:

  •   Maintenance and Cleaning Services
  • : You can opt for either a contracted or a single-session cleaning and conditioning service. This treatment helps maintain the metal’s integrity and contributes to the preservation and enhancement of its aesthetic appeal.
  •   Refinishing: Stripping old coatings, re-graining for a fresh finish, applying industrial coatings to protect the metal, and finally restoring the metal’s luster, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and long-term durability.
  • Oxidizing: Chemical oxidization process that artificially darkens the metal, allowing for customizable color highlights. To ensure the longevity of the desired finish, a protective coating is applied following the oxidization.
  • Vandalism or Scratch Removal: Vandalism marks or scratches removal through hand and machine techniques. Followed by a metal re-graining process.
  • Fabrication and Installation: Custom metal fabrication, tailored to craft pieces that seamlessly match or complement your existing metalwork, with consistent finish across different areas of your property in mind.

Stone Cleaning and Restoration Services

Stone cleaning & maintenanceWhether it’s marble, terrazzo, limestone, or granite, stone surfaces are commonly found in high-traffic areas of a property, such as lobby floors, sidewalks, plazas, passenger elevator lobbies, and on walls and facades. To maintain its integrity and appearance, stone needs regular maintenance.

CBM provides comprehensive care and treatment for all types of stone surfaces, ensuring they remain resilient, attractive, and functional over time.

  •   Maintenance and Cleaning: Removing surface debris, embedded stains, or graffiti using detergents or chemicals to rejuvenate the appearance of stone surfaces.
  •   Honing and Polishing: Meticulous scratch removal and surface preparation with sand screens or diamond pads, honing the stone for optimal polishing. In addition to customized finishing options to meet your specific aesthetic preferences.
  • Repair: We use diverse products and techniques to fill chips, cracks, or any gaps. CBM repairs are indistinguishable from the original material.
  • High-pressure cleaning of Facades or Sidewalks: High-pressure washing with hot and cold water at pressures up to 4,000 PSI, to efficiently eliminate surface debris and stains. To achieve a more thorough clean, we often use detergents or specialized chemicals.
  • Scaling and Impregnating: Scaling and impregnating shield the stone from vandalism and stains, while also boosting its durability. Additionally, these applications enhance the stone’s strength and color.

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