We’re a Complete Building Maintenance Company

Commercial Cleaning/Janitorial Services

CBM offers commercial janitorial, commercial cleaning, and facility maintenance services…

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CBM Window Care Solutions

Pristine and streak-free results every time. Trusted by numerous Fortune 500 companies…

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CBM Security Solutions

Security Personnel Tailored to the unique needs of your organization…

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Stone, Wood & Metal Services

Preserve the natural beauty of all your stone-made elements.

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Landscaping & Exterior Enhancement Services

Year-round landscaping and maintenance services to a myriad of commercial properties…

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Power & Pressure Washing Services

Dedicated to revitalizing your property's exteriors with unmatched precision…

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Snow Removal Services

Commercial snow removal services throughout Long Island and the Five Boroughs of…

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CBM Corp Painting Services

Comprehensive and top-tier painting solutions for diverse clientele…

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CBM Commercial Maintenance Company

Let us Take Care of Your Building

CBM Commercial Maintenance Company

Redefining Excellence

Founded in 1975, CBM stands as a beacon of unparalleled service in the building maintenance domain. Nearly four decades of consistent ownership have cemented our reputation with top real estate companies in Long Island, New York City, and Northern New Jersey. Our commitment goes beyond mere services; it’s a legacy, a promise.

Commercial Maintenance Company NJ

Innovations & Monitoring

Our Fast Field System offers a real-time snapshot, allowing immediate actions based on any feedback or complaints, ensuring optimal service quality.

Expertise & Transparency

Our legacy spans over 40 years, with specializations in commercial cleaning, landscaping, window cleaning, and even marble and metal restoration. We take pride in our direct service delivery, ensuring each task is carried out by our in-house team, upholding our promise of consistency and trust.

One-Stop Maintenance Haven

From security and landscaping to snow removal and window cleaning, we’ve got it all covered. Our full stack of services ensures you have everything under one roof, with just one phone call away. Our robust crew of 2,000 professionals guarantees the highest quality since we never subcontract. You always know the caliber of the team serving you.

Certified & Continually Trained

We don’t rest on our laurels. Our licenses in home improvement, landscaping, painting, and extermination vouch for our expertise. With a keen eye on the industry’s pulse, we ensure our team is continually trained, making sure we stay ahead of the curve.

What makes CBM The Best in The Business?

With 40 Years of experience and 2,000 Skilled Professionals,
You Can Place Your Trust in us

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