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Comprehensive, Year-round Landscaping

Landscaping & Exterior Enhancement Services

Landscaping & Exterior Enhancement Services

CBM Corp has been at the forefront of outdoor solutions since 1996. Our sister company, Innovative Design & Maintenance, offers comprehensive, year-round landscaping and maintenance services to a myriad of commercial properties—ranging from office complexes and educational institutions to shopping hubs, medical facilities, expansive estates, condominiums, and apartment clusters.

The exterior of your property speaks volumes even before visitors set foot inside. CBM’s landscaping specialists, together with our affiliate IDM, commit to offering unparalleled landscape care and continuous grounds maintenance. We understand first impressions matter, and our mission is to ensure your exterior reflects the caliber of your business.

Landscape Maintenance Services NJ

CBM Corp’s Landscaping Division is adept at catering to diverse commercial needs, be it retail spaces, educational establishments, or expansive residences. With the landscape maestros at CBM, rest assured, that your grounds will not only be well-maintained but also aesthetically appealing.

Our dedicated grounds maintenance division comprises seasoned gardeners and landscapers, ensuring the preservation and enhancement of your outdoor spaces. Additionally, our collaboration with management companies facilitates designing, installing, and maintaining serene garden spaces within residential complexes. From the installation of delicate plants to grandiose trees and other soft landscaping elements, we’re here to ensure your exteriors mirror the elegance of your interiors.


  Landscape Maintenance Services

  •   Comprehensive Lawn Care
  • Seasonal Fall Clean-Ups
  • Tree and shrub Nurturing
  • Expert Fertilizer Applications
  • Precision Seeding & Sodding
  • Efficient Parking Area Cleaning

   Innovative Landscaping Design:

  • Holistic Design & Installation
  • Durable Retaining Walls
  • Elegant Patio Stones & Pavers
  • Ambient Landscape Lighting

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Advanced Irrigation Systems

  •   Expert New Installations
  •   Prompt Repairs & Maintenance
  •   Pre-Season Systems Activation
  •  Mid-Season System Adjustments
  •  Winterization & Pre-Spring Preparations
  • Expansion with Additional Irrigation Zones
  • Fine-Tuning of Heads & Rotation
Exterior Enhancement Services NJ

Pesticide and Herbicide Applications:

  •   Comprehensive lawn care programs
  •   Eco-friendly pesticide application
  •   Specialized applications
  •  Diagnosis and treatment of weed and insect problems

With CBM, excellence is guaranteed, both inside and out. You can trust us to elevate the beauty of your establishment’s exteriors!